Nancy by foot

You leave Paris on foot from “Gare de l’Est”, you will arrive in Nancy, a city which you can visit on foot. You are always less than 5 minutes from a park or garden, or your hotel, or a good restaurant.

Nancy’s exciting history has generated quite original urbanization:
It is easy to explore the town on foot, from one period to the other, district to district around its iconic squares.
Your first contact with the city:
TGV Station, Thiers Square and the area of “business” Art Nouveau are near the new Congress Centre. Within less than 10 minutes you will find the Royal city of the eighteenth century. Classified by UNESCO, a fabulous legacy from Duke Stanislas to Nancy, which offers its gates, fountains and café terraces of Place Stanislas. Then we discover the New Town with its orthogonal design dating from Renaissance with its market, restaurants and place Charles III;
Further north, the Old Town -Medieval Renaissance- with its mansions, bars and shops, winds its narrow streets around place St Epvre and Ducal palace…
We go walking almost imperceptibly from one universe to another, from one atmosphere to another. This city on a human scale is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace! In the center of Nancy, the traveler-walker is always less than 5 minutes from a point of architectural interest, a park or a pastry…. because Nancy, is also rich in pastry confections sweets!

From the station, via shopping streets that descend gently to the east going past the FNAC and Printemps’s shop gallery, it takes a few minutes for the visitor to arrive at “Central Point”. There, in the heart of the city, the choices open to the walker who can also opt for public transport as the Central Point like the station are at the intersection of many lines.
From this strategic spot, Place Stanislas and the Pépinière park are 3 minutes on foot by the very chic street of the Dominicans, the Old Town is 10 minutes by rue Saint Dizier North. To the south, St. Dizier street offers its business, its central market and great Baltard style hall, and the mall. To the east beyond the gates of Saint George and Saint Catherine, each step takes the visitor gently down to the canal with its gardens and Marina.

Map of Nancy